If your product is defective, damaged, incomplete or incorrect at the time of delivery, please raise a return request on TETON shop or website. Return request must be raised within 24 hours for TETON shop items.

    For electronic appliances & technical-related issues after usage or after the return policy period, please check if the product is covered under the seller warranty or brand warranty. For more information on warranty claims, please view our Warranty Policy.

    For selected categories, we accept a change of mind. Please refer to the section below on Return Policy per Category for more information.


    Refund Types

    TETON will process your refund according to the following refund types

  • 1. Refund from returns - Refund is processed once your item is returned to the warehouse and QC is completed (successful). To learn how to return an item, read our Return Policy.

    2. Refunds from cancelled orders - Refund is automatically triggered once cancelation is successfully processed.

    3. Refunds from failed deliveries - Refund process starts when the item has reached the seller. Please take note that this may take more time depending on the area of your shipping address. Screen reader support enabled.

  • Payment MethodRefund OptionRefund Time

    Debit or Credit Card

    Debit or Credit Card Payment Reversal

    10 working days

    Equated Monthly Installments

    Debit or Credit Card

    10 working days

    Rocket (Wallet DBBL)

    Mobile Wallet Reversal / Rocket

    7 working days

    DBBL Nexus (Online Banking)

    Card Payment Reversal (Nexus)

    7 working days


    Mobile Wallet Reversal / bKash

    5 working days