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Track Extension Pack

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Product Description :

About this item

  • Track Extension Pack is compatible with Teton Bullet Train set and Steam Train set.

  • 30+ Exciting Combinations

  • Various designs can be made by connecting the pieces in this Track Extension Pack and the tracks provided with Steam Train or Bullet Train set!

  • 6 Curved Track, 4 Y-Junctions, 2 Straight Tracks

  • Color Blocks: To play with the color blocks, the train must be on and color blocks need to be placed on the slots within the curved and straight tracks as shown.

  • 5 Color Block Action. White: Light on/ off, Red: Stop, Reverse & Bell: Reverse Trains direction and ring bell once, Yellow: Decrease Trains speed by one step, Green: Increase Trains speed by one step.

Product Description:

Introducing the Track Extension Pack, the perfect addition to your Teton Bullet Train set or Steam Train set! With over 30 exciting combinations, this pack offers endless possibilities for creating new track designs and expanding your train set.

The Track Extension Pack includes 6 curved tracks, 4 Y-junctions, and 2 straight tracks, providing you with the flexibility to create a wide range of configurations. Plus, with the ability to connect the pieces in this pack with the tracks provided with your Steam Train or Bullet Train set, the possibilities for creativity are endless!

But that's not all - this pack also comes with color blocks that can be used to add even more fun to your train set. Simply place the color blocks on the slots within the curved and straight tracks as shown, and watch as your train interacts with them!

With its versatile track pieces and interactive color blocks, this pack provides hours of endless fun and excitement.

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